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Garden and Landsacpe Irrigation Accessories

Each nozzle and brake assembly was designed to easily be changed with other sizes or outlet trajectories to maximize operational flexibility. This system enables convenient and cost effective maintenance, easily adaptable to changes.


Micro Sprinkler

Micro-sprinkler is used for low volume irrigation and it works on lower pressure. This irrigation system is used in agriculture for row crops, orchards, and vineyards.


Mist irrigation is the system of spraying water on plants. While the water reaches only the root of the plant in other watering methods, this system delivers water on the whole plant, thus keeping it cool and wet.

Fogger with Brab End

The foggers and misters are used for misting, humidifying and cooling applications, keeping plant foliage constantly moist or when overhead fine mist watering is required. Available with barbs or threads the foggers and misters have fine droplet size and very low flow rates.


This butterfly is used in spray mechanism.

Pop Up

This Pop up sprinkler systems are used for many different types of gardens for watering grass areas and can also be used for watering flower.