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Drip Irrigation Accessories-Filters

Most Balson Agro Landscape Irrigation products are warranted to the trade for a period of either three or five years from the date of original purchase. Filters are used to separate very fine impurities of water for long life resistance of dripper clogging.


Sand Filter

  • Screen filters are always installed for final filtration as an additional safeguard against clogging.
  • While the majority of impurities are filtered by the sand filter, minute sand particles and other small impurities pass through it.
  • The screen filter, containing a screen strainer, which filters physical impurities and allows only clean water to enter into the micro-irrigation system.
  • The screens are usually cylindrical and made of non-corrosive metal or plastic material.
It's available in 60 to 120 mesh.
Flow rate ranges 7m3/Hr to 50m3/Hr
It's available in powder-coated metal body as well as in plastic body

Disk Filter

  • Removes very fine solid particles from irrigation water.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Disk filter contains stacks of grooved, ring-shaped disks that capture debris and are very effective in the filtration of organic material and algae.
  • During the filtration mode, the disks are pressed together.
There is an angle in the alignment of two adjacent disks, resulting in cavities of varying size and partly turbulent flow. Flow rate ranges from 7m3/Hr to 50m3/Hr.
Diameter 3/4" to 3"

Screen Filter

  • Media filters consist of fine gravel or coarse quartz sand.
  • These filters are effective in removing light suspended materials, such as algae and other organic materials, fine sand and silt particles.
  • Its generally used to separate water-born debris, which otherwise clogs the secondary filter.
  • More suitable for water with algae and other organic impurities.
Available in 10M3/HR to 50 M3/HR

Hydrocyclone Filter

  • Hydrodynamically designed to create maximum centrifugal action
  • Separate sand from irrigation water
  • Dirt can be easily flushed out through drain port

Available in size 2" to 4"
Flow rate from 25 M3/HR to 50 M3/HR